Four Truths and a Lie

Topics: Sibling, American films, Truth Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: August 26, 2013
Have you ever said a truth? Well, you say truth 99.8% of your conversation each day! You are most likely to said a truth by playing – truth, dare, double-dare, kiss, love game. On the other hand, have you ever lied? Obliviously, I think everyone have lied at least once in their life because they have to do it to helps themselves.

Me, Kaitlyn Phan has 1 sister and 1 brother named Lana and Joe, and I live my mum and siblings here. I have 4 good friends named: Michelle Tsang, Chriselle Lee, Lindy Sohn and Melody Lim! I live in Singapore one of the busiest and crowed country (well, place) in the world. I have lived so many countries since my dad is… Busy man! Such as Melbourne, Vietnam, Philippines and… Singapore. I find moving school several times hard, because not everyone is friendly, there is always drama queen, wannabes, and more and more annoying stuff.

So, let’s start the game of Three Truths and 1 lie…

Chapter 1
Begin the game!

“Have you ever heard of Boy Bands?” Lindy asked me one morning, exclaiming. I knew she knew it, because it was on this month’s issue of Pretty Girl’s magazine. “Obliviously! You think I’m dumb?” I joked. “Hey!” Mish (Michelle) jumped into our conversation. Mish loves to talk and fashion… She is also sporty. “We were just talking about Boy Bands…” I rolled my eyes quickly, so I don’t look crazy. “Like, what?” “Don’t know.”

Ding-Dong! The bell rang as usual (what else?)
Luckily this year we are in same class, and there were HUGE chance that we won’t be together because there are 11 classes this year.

Lot’s of people thinks, my school is interesting because we start and 7:25 and end at 1:30 (only for Monday to Wednesday. Thursday to Friday is 7:20 to 1:30.) Younger kids like my sister who is in Grade 1 starts school on noon to 6:50, and mum finds it a little inconvenient.

“Have you ever played four truths and 1 lie?” Chriselle, a lover of tech stuff and games asked...
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