Four Schools of Thought

Topics: Psychology, Mind, Behaviorism Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: November 18, 2008
There are four schools of perspectives in psychology. Each one is unique. Behavioral perspective deals with how behavior effects decisions and what effects behavior. Cognitive perspective focuses on how we think. The most controversial perspective is Psychodynamic. Psychodynamic is more concerned with therapy than scientific observation and research. Evolutionary perspective is the study of the human actions, feeling and thoughts. Along side how the body functions due to changes in them. Today psychologists examine how bodily functions affect the electrical impulses and chemicals that flow in the body during behavior changes. Psychodynamic

Psychodynamic founder is Sigmund Freud (Kowalski and Westen ). Freud considered opposite of most of the behaviorism psychologist of his time. Freud focused on how our internal workings are affect by stimulus. His theory was quite extensive and intricate as a study. Freud’s main principle of the theory states that the unconscious is responsible for the majority of our thoughts and behaviors. It may also have some connection in mental illness. The study of the unconscious was a revolutionary new idea. Most people felt that the idea of the brain functioned with out knowledge of it was frightening to many. When behaviorists show the study on the unconscious they considered them to be objectionable. The main reason was it was the opposite of the “normal”. Since the unconscious is something that you are not aware of it makes it hard to study. Many of his ideas are common in psychology today. Three main characteristic of psychodynamic include how actions from people and their thoughts, wishes, and feelings. Second is seeing how outside of the conscious awareness and thirdly how mental processes conflict with one another. (Kowalski and Westen) Cognitive

The most major school of thought would be cognitive perspective of psychology is defined as the study of the mid, emotion and behavior. The idea of the cognitive theory states...

References: Psychology, 4th edition, by Kowalski and Westen
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