Four Product Case

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Four Products Case
Third Hand-in Case

5017 New Production Management
Prof. C. Anthony Di Benedetto

Yan Yang

Assignment 3. Four Products Case. Answer the following questions.

1 Which of the four products are you most optimistic about in terms of likely success? Why? I think sliced peanut butter is most optimistic about in terms of likely success. Firstly, it is a problem-based ideation which could solve the problem for the peanut butter lovers. There would be a huge customer demand and clear buyer segmentation in the market. It is estimated that a typical student will eat more than 1,500 peanut butter sandwiches from kindergarten through high school graduation. However, most would agree that making a peanut butter sandwich lacks the convenience of ready-to-eat products. Spreading the thick, sticky substance on a soft slice of bread can be a frustrating, messy experience for peanut butter lovers of all ages. Peanut butter slices are easy, potable, and non messy way to get the peanut butter fix. Consumers can lay the slice on a piece of bread, similarly to placing a piece of cheese or lunch meat. Regardless of age, sandwich makers can use peanut butter with no mess or need for a knife. More than likely the whole slices were to appeal to children. These sorts of things are pretty much engineered to make children want them. It’s because it’s finger foods. Kids can make their own peanut butter sandwiches without making a mess. Kids love anything they can pick up with their hands (that’s not how you’re supposed to eat the sliced peanut butter, presumably, but you could more easily than normal peanut butter). Secondly, there’s necessity to have this new product and it is worth to be launched in the market. It’s all about convenience. These slices of peanut butter goodness were apparently a real user-friendly and brilliant innovation for customers. Most of its target marketing is children. It would be the perfect meal for anyone too lazy to do anything on their own. Institutional customers, such as school cafeterias, also have interest in uniform portions. Only creamy peanut butter will be available at first. There are big market shares on sliced cheese, there should have big market share on sliced peanut butter for peanut butter lovers. There’s only one concern that how to make it firm enough to wrap like a cheese slice, and make it non-sticky enough to unwrap the sucker. Whatever they did to it would affect the taste. No word on whether anyone has developed sliced jam. Finding the best texture and flavor combinations for the peanut butter slices played a major role in the product development process.  Thirdly, it is very easy to produce this sliced peanut butter, in other words, the technology is not a problem. Finding the best texture and flavor combinations for the peanut butter slices played a major role in the product development process. But one of the biggest technical issues is related to developing a large-scale processing method. Based on patents dating to the 1940's, the sliced peanut butter idea is far from new. But until now, a technology for the product's large-scale production has been available. The current technology allows products to be launched smoothly.

2 Which are you most pessimistic about? Why?
I would say the wooden jigsaw puzzle. The wooden jigsaw puzzle today is still a high-end, niche market due in part to the high prices attributable to the great labor intensity of the production process. Most people have never even heard of the wooden jigsaw puzzle. The difference between the die-cut, cardboard, jigsaw puzzle and the uniquely-cut, hand-designed, wooden jigsaw puzzle is great; once you’ve done a handcrafted, wooden jigsaw puzzle, with its beautiful figural pieces, unique shapes, clever tricks, and charismatic, handmade, tactile sensations, the cardboard puzzle will forevermore be a trinket falling well short of replicating the art of...
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