Four Leaders and Their Management Styels

Topics: Management, Leadership, World War II Pages: 4 (1372 words) Published: May 27, 2012
Four Leaders and Their Management Styles
When a mass of people, organisation, country or a whole world gets influenced by leadership quality of a person, then the person is said to be a leader. Leader is the one who guides and shapes the actions and opinions of others. Leader is one who represents the views and feelings of others or the one is able to change the way others think. Successful leaders are those who have their own leadership qualities and effective management principles and at least have a determination to change something for the sake of people. Management styles vary from one leader to another. Two common examples of management styles can be taken as autocratic and democratic. When we talk about the greatest leaders of the world from past, we cannot ignore the likes of Adolf Hitler and his influence in World War II. One of the greatest saying of Hitler is: “Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who don’t want to fight in this world of eternal struggle don’t deserve to live.” Before Hitler came into power, Germany was going through economic crisis. He was man with mission and vision. Hitler would do anything to rise into power and one of his qualities was confidence which made him successful. He was disciplined, hard working and a punctual man and these qualities made his management style even stronger. He was a man with long terms vision. Hitler believed that the next war of his time would be a chemical war. Hitler was also said to have used the chemical weapon for the first time in war. Similarly, he was a determined person and always had strategic planning for future. He had a determination to be the most powerful man and also wanted to make his country the strongest in the world. Firstly, one of the key management styles of Hitler included organizing. Everything he organised before coming into power was extraordinary. After being discharged from army he gave his all time to his party and used to speak among the people about his plan...

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