Four Goals of Psychology

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Predicting the Behavior

            In The World of Psychology by, Samuel E. Wood, Ellen Green Wood and Denise Boyd (2010) they state that the four goals that psychologists use are description, explanation, prediction, and influence.  These specific goals are used when psychologists plan and conduct their study (Wood et al., 2010).  Prediction comes into play once description and explanation have been achieved and psychologists can predict the outcome.

            Prediction is being able to predict an individual’s behavior or choices, once the environment or conditions are understood.  Being able to understand the concept psychologists can then predict when the event will happen and know the outcome, most likely.  It’s as if a psychologist was seeing a patient who wants to stops drinking but can’t.  First the psychologist would observe the patient in order to be able to describe the situation and understand it.  Then he would explain to the patient what conditions he is under that don’t let the patient stop drinking.  The prediction would be that whenever the patient is around alcohol he would be tempted to drink, especially if the environment was full of other individuals drinking.  He would predict that if the following weekend the patient was to stay home and see no alcohol, the patient would not drink.  With prediction the psychologist helps the patient make better choices and tell him the outcomes of him being in a certain environment under certain circumstances.  It can then help the patient in his situation and if he applies the prediction he will influence the outcome and can have his desired outcome. 

            With the four goals of psychology studies can be improved and outcomes for individual can be achieved.  Prediction will help analyze the situation into a better desired outcome.

PREDICTING THE BEHAVIOR                                                                                        4

Wood, S., Wood, E., & Boyd,...

References: Wood, S., Wood, E., & Boyd, D. (2010). Introduction to Psychology. The World of Psychology (p. 5). New York City: Pearson College Div.
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