four functions of management

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Functions of Management
With being a manager comes responsibility. There are four functions of management that if management follows can create an efficient and effective manager. The four functions of management are planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Planning is the first phase in the functions. Planning is the first step in management. Planning takes a specific goal and tries to determine the best action to take to have the best outcome. According to Bateman-Snell planning your goal includes analyzing current situations, anticipating the future, determining objectives, deciding the types of activities, choosing strategies, and determining the resource needed. (pg19) Within the Detention Facility planning starts with how many inmates to house, where ot house them, and how to keep them safe while in custody. Along with housing during the planning process one has to determine the amount to charge for their stay, if inmates are to pay for medical that is provided and what to charge for commissary purchases. The next function is organizing. Organizing takes place when once the plan starts one organizes the plan. Gathering the human, financial, physical, informational, and other resources that are needed to achieve the plan that one has started is the steps one takes in the organizational process. (pg20) Within the Detention Facility organizing the business includes hiring the proper group of people to run the facility, whether it is an officer or someone in the administrative office that handles the billing and inmate family members. Housing Units to house inmates must be safe yet must be able to control the type of persons that will be housed there. Keeping Officers safe, inmates safe, and the public safe is very important. There are items and programs inmates have a right to by law so it is vital that during the organizing phase the plan is set in motion. Once the plan and organizational part is completed the next function is leading....
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