Four Different Types of Crime

Topics: Crime, Criminology, Theft Pages: 4 (1515 words) Published: August 23, 2010
Course Conover: Dr Hennessey Hayes Tutor: Dr Jacqueline Homel Course Code: CCJ15 Course name: Introduction to Crime and Criminology Assessment number: 1 Due Date: 23.04.10 Extension confirmation number: 14177

Student name: Tamara Chatterton Student number: S2736240

This essay will examine four different types of crime. These include: Property, Violent, White-collar and Internet crimes. To examine these in detail this essay will define and explain each one. It will then describe how they are measured and how data id gathered for each of them. It will then go on to identify the typical offenders and victims of each individual crime and finish with a description of how much the occurrence of these crimes are costing the community. Defining property crimes would be any offence that involves property, such as “theft which is the deprivation of another‟s property without consent and with the intention of doing so permanently.” (Findaly, 2009, p11). Then there are “offences of damaging or destroying another‟s property.” (Findaly, 2009, p11). This is also extended to offences involving government property, eg; graffiti and vandalism. Violent crimes are defined as crimes that are against a person. “Crime against the person have traditionally involved...acts which result in harm against a distinct person or persons as opposed to the general public.”(Hennessey, 2008, p98). Serious types of crimes include; homicide, assault and sexual assault. Sutherland defined white-collar crime as „crime committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his occupation.‟ (White-collar crime [1949]1989:7, cited in Hennessey, 2008, p134). The problem with this definition is that it is still not clear what activities are considered to be white-collar crime. Some common types, just to name a few, include; state crimes, environmental crimes, computer or technology crimes and financial crimes. Internet crimes are crimes that are facilitated by the internet,...

References: Australian Institute of Criminology, 2008. Counting the costs of crime in Australia. Findlay, M., Odgers, S. and Yeo, S. 2009. Australian Criminal Justice, (4ed). Oxford University Press, South Melbourne. Hayes, H. and Prenzler, T. 2008. An Introduction to Crime and Criminology (2ed). Pearson Education, NSW.
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