Four Case Studies

Topics: YouTube, Advertising, Product management Pages: 3 (775 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Four Case Studies
Maclean Harvey
Business 110
Mark Loo

An Old Company with New Potential

1) Product – The product Bell is offering is not new but is currently not available to Canadians so Bell is trying to open a new market within Canada. Price – Bell has given affordable prices for buying a movie online (4.99) as well as renting a movie (1.99/24hrs) Place – Distributing the movies is easy for bell and benefits them because they do not have to deal with any retail stores and is accessible by anyone who has an internet connection. Promotion – Having an online video store promotes and will attract more people to switch to bell simply because it is as more convenient way to buy and watch movies. 2) Strengths would consist of: Convience, always available and relative cheapness. Some weaknesses would be: not compatible with Mac or Linux users and a limited amount of movies (1500). It is the first online video store in Canada and could expand into other field such as music. One threat that people may run into is that if you are not with bell and you are unwilling or unable to switch the service may not be accessed. 3) You must subscribe with Bell to access their online video store. Mac and Linux users are unable to use the feature. 4) It plays an important role. You want to try and launch new products when customers have the most confidence in your brand. This will allow them to trust that you will be providing them with a reliable product.

The Changing Face of Advertising

1) There will not necessarily be an outcome or a “winner” between consumers and companies. Consumers will always be trying to avoid advertising and companies will always be finding ideas and ways to advertise. For instance before watching popular youtube videos you are required to watch or partially watch advertisements. 2) Yes because companies are going to have to come up with new strategies to promote their products. 3) Product...
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