Founding Brothers Chapter 4

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The Farewell
I. Ellis Chapter and Ellis' View Point/Thesis.
1. The core issue at stake in this chapter is the farewell address. Washington would be the head of the new government. Washington proved himself to be a capable even great president helping to shape the new government and lead the country through any crisis both foreign, and domestic. Washington did not believe in political parties. As the political parties started forming during his administration he didn't want American people to debate and resolve public issues. It was his fear of what these parties would do to the nation. This is what led Washington to the farewell address.

2. This is the crisis in this chapter that Washington began the farewell address. Two thirds of the address is devoted to domestic matters and the rise of political parties. Washington called for men to put aside party and unite for the common good, an "American character" wholly free of foreign attachments. The U.S. must only concentrate on American interests, and the country should avoid becoming involved in foreign wars. The united states must "act for ourselves and not for others". The address quickly entered the realm of revealed truth. It was for decades read annually in congress; it was printed in children's primers, engraved in watches and woven into tapestries. This address was a letter telling the American people they were on there own.

3. Ellis solved this crisis in his thesis through George Washington. He talks about the events that lead up to the farewell address and what pushed George Washington to do it. The crisis originally was the American people having political parties. This made Washington come up with the farewell address. His thesis solved this problem because of the solution that Washington had come up with for the political parties.

4. The evidence that Ellis uses is how Washington proved himself a capable president and was bothered by the political...
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