Foundations of Psychology

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Foundations of Psychology
Latasha Jiles-Monroe
February 25, 2013
Jennifer Murphy

Foundations of Psychology
Psychology can be described in many ways since it deals with both the mind and the behavior individual’s exhibits. Psychology studies the mental behavior of humans. Psychology is usually very extensive complex study that examines the thoughts, emotions, cognition, dreams, and perception that a human experiences. There are constant experiments conducted to support or disengage theories.

With Psychology being such a complex study it should come as no surprise that psychology has two foundations; biology and philosophy. As stated earlier Psychology observes the brain and how it reflects the behavior of individuals. From a biology standpoint Psychology investigates the electrical and chemical processes in the nervous system that underlie mental events that may occur in humans (Kowalski &Westen, 2011). The connection between the brain and behavior became apparent to doctors in the nineteenth century. After extensive studies researchers started to identify the responses of individuals who had suffered head trauma and were able to conceive the brains relation to the behavior an individual exhibits. There was even a type of experiment that became quite popular and is still used today. The experiment involves creating lesions surgically in animals in the neural regions of the brain to observe the effects it may have on behavior of the animal. As technology has advanced it has allowed researchers to provided more in depth studies without being so evasive which in turn has allowed the study of behavioral neuroscience to expand into all areas of Psychology. This has resulted in psychology having a large biological foundation. Philosophically psychology goes in depth to determine the behavior, thoughts, and feelings of individuals. You must first determine what influences an individual’s actions and thoughts in order to understand what caused...

References: Kowalski, R., & Westen, D. (2011). Psychology (6th ed.) Hoboken, NJ: Wiley
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