foundations of education paper

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Philosophy paper
Teachers are those who are educating the future of America. Teachers have the huge responsibility and great opportunity to help shape their students into the special individuals God has called them to be. While teachers have a very challenging job, their job is always very rewarding. Teachers help children from developing motor skills all the way until they are handing an adult a doctorate degree. It does not matter what age or level, a teacher has the ability to change a student’s life forever. A great teacher is one who makes learning fun for his students. The first characteristic of a great teacher is he must be an effective practitioner. An effective practitioner is one who makes sure his lesson is useful. If the lesson is not useful, this can lead to a disengaged class. Of course class was not invented to waste the students time. This is why a good teacher will make sure every single word he says is going to be beneficial and help the student he is teaching. This will mean the teacher does not ramble or tell stories that do not relate to the lesson during the class period. This causes the students to mentally check out. An effective practitioner also understands the correlation of the lesson and the hands on assignments. A good teacher would have his students play an educational computer game as a hands on assignment to further the computer skills that were taught that day. This would keep the lesson exciting and the children engaged. An effective practitioner will also use technology with his lesson. As technology is becoming more and more useful, a good teacher will take advantage of this. Colorful power points and Ipads are just a few ways that technology could be used to make the lesson more exciting. An exciting teacher will make interesting handouts and neat assignments instead of boring, messy handwritten work. This will save time and increase learning. An effective practitioner also uses many different creative ways of...
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