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Marketing Plan

Executive Summary
The total size of European football market is up to €15.7 billion in 2008/2009. It is proven that football industry stay strong under the pessimistic economic environment. In Europe, England’s Barclays Premier League, Spain’s La Liga, Germany’s Bundesliga, Italy’s Serie A and France’s Ligue 1 are recognized as “The 5” by organizations and supporters worldwide. This paper explains the market analysis and current situation of games of who tops in the “The 5” – English Premier League, the world most successful football league. It also demonstrates how EPL manages the marketing part, by applying three marketing theories, which is consumer behavior, market segmentation and SWOT analysis. In the End, the last section is consist of the conclusion and recommendation.

Market Analysis
The market size of the football matches includes all the audiences from local and worldwide, who would willing to pay to watch Top-Division-Leagues. The market is mainly separated to two parts, numbers of attendance watching matches in stadiums and audience watching the broadcasting from the whole world. The rule of judging the market size of attendance is based on the total attendance of a year. The total attendance of EPL in 2009/2010 season is 13.4 million, which is higher than the total attendance of Germany’s Bundesliga (13.1 million) and Spain’s La Liga (11.1 million). The market size of broadcasting is judged by the UK broadcast income and international broadcast income, Premier League receives €1.27 billion from contracts of 2009/2010, which is top of the European league (closest rival is Italy’s Serie A €915 million). From the statistics of ESPN, it is shown that the growth rate of average attendance per match is negative in recent years. In 2011/2012, the number of average attendance is 34,520 on 6th of November, which is lower than the last season's figure, 35,283, moreover, it is recorded that the figures are 35,650 and 36,760 for season 2009/2010 and 2008/2009. After the financial turmoils in 2008 and 2011 and the raise of the ticket prices, less and less fans going through the turnstiles to watch the live games. In contrast, comparing to the broadcasting income of 2008/2009’s €1.134 billion and 2009/2010’s €1.27 billion, ref. iii), the new 3-years-contract (2010-13) worths €3.733 billion (£3.2 billion) reveals that there is a rising trend of the televised matches. Ofcom & Human Capital (2005) conducted a research about Premier League football in United Kingdom.

The chart demonstrates that is approximately 4 out of 10 male and 13% female having interest in the league and people between 25-34 years old forming the largest fan-group. EPL Official Fansurvey 2010-2011 also complies statistics about its appeal, the league broadcasts over 200 countries reaching approximately 650 million families, the number of cumulative audience is approaching 4 billion. EPL segments the markets by two main characteristics which are demographic, socio-economic (profile), the latter Market Segmentation will illustrate the further detail. League distributes its football matches by holding matches in club’s stadium and televising with local TV station (Sky Sports, BBC, EPSN) and communication satellite to the world. Holding the game in stadium provides a better atmosphere and experience to the attendance, meanwhile, broadcasting helps maintaining the popularity and expanding the market in UK and to global. The decision-makers are always the supporters themselves, sometimes the parents that who have the power or financial authority for a household.

Current Situation Analysis
English Premier League is currently known as Barclays Premier League in official since Barclays Bank becomes the official sponsor, commonly referred to EPL in the meantime. The league was established in 1992 in virtue of an utmost restructuring was needed, as the English clubs wanted to develop and...
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