Foundation Degree in Computer Network Management

Topics: IP address, Routing protocol, Local area network Pages: 3 (499 words) Published: January 23, 2011
Assignment Brief (Assignment 1)

Foundation Degree in Computer Network Management

|Module: |Unit 10 – Network design & implementation |Assignment 1 |50% | |Assignment Type: |Summative |Timed Test |50% | |Assignment Title: |Publishing Company |Complete |100% | |Words or equivalent: |2,000 |Version |2008 | |Date Set: |10/11/2010 |Draft Submission: |10/1/2011 | |Tutor Name(s): |Richard Price |Deadline: |24/01/2011 |

Assignment Description:
You have been asked to provide a quote for a company which will be running a medium sized multiplayer gaming competition. They require pricing for gaming performance machines which will be divided into 4 groups of with 10, 20, 30 & 40 in each group, which should be separated into VLANs.

They will be playing both LAN games and Online games, so require an infrastructure which will support both types of bandwidth requirements.

Discuss the design considerations and detail all relevant protocols involved in constructing a Vlan based Switched network including router on a stick

A detailed diagram of the network infrastructure is required; Including the Gateway device, Host Machines, network devices, gaming servers etc. Give reference to the Three Layer Hierarchical Model

You are provided with a class C IP address of and asked to...
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