Foundation Course in English -02

Topics: Extinction, Endangered species, Dinosaur Pages: 2 (589 words) Published: March 13, 2012
1) Write a paragraph on any one of the following topics. (1 50-200 words) (1 0)

i. Protecting the environment
ii. Impact of globalization on your culture
iii Mercy Killing I Euthanasia
iv Curbing Corruption

2 ) Write a report for a newspaper about the inaugural ceremony of a major sporting event that took place in your city. (250 words) (20)

3) Write a composition on any one of the following topics. (250 words) (20)

i. The Facebook generation: 2417 virtually connected with the world but consists of increasingly isolated individuals. Discuss your viewpoint with sound arguments.
. .
ii Nothing honorable about Honour Killing. Is progress really civilizing us or making us more primitive?

iii The most cherished childhood experience.

iv Technological advancement is no guarantee for human race's immunity to nature's fury.

4) You get an opportunity to interview your role model. Write a report about thc interview for a popular magazine. (250 words) (20)

5 ) Read the following passage and make notes on it in the appropriate format. (1 5)

How do animals become extinct?
Animals may become extinct in three ways. First of all, they may evolve into another species and not really die out at all. For example. through time, many . early forms of horses and of human beings have progressively changed by evolution into new species. The old species has changed and not really died out, so this is called pseudoextinction.

The second way in which animals have died out is for a single species to disappear because of some local disturbance. Many animals that have very special diets, for example, could die out very easily if their source of food goes. It is thought that certain species of dinosaurs were adapted to eating particular kinds of reedy plants. When these disappeared, those particular species of dinosaurs starved and so died out.

Other aspects of an animal's way of life could lead to extinction. For example, the mammoth's and woolly rhinos of...
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