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Academic Study Skill 2
Assessment Task 6

Writing a Research Proposal for your Oral Presentation

Follow these steps to write your Research Proposal:
1. Choose one of the following topics: The invasion of privacy by the use of technology, reproductive technology, cloning, foreign aid and world debt, Australia’s place in Asia (Trade and Foreign Affairs).

2. The topic chosen for your oral presentation MUST NOT BE the same as the topic chosen in your argumentative essay or your discussion essay submitted for your previous assessment tasks.

3. Make a question for this topic. Please see attached page some examples of the topics/questions that you can make for your Oral Presentation.

4. Browse through the Internet or journal article to find information which looks interesting and appropriate for all students.

5. Highlight important vocabulary. You may need to teach the vocabulary to your classmates before or during your presentation. Make sure you include relevant pictures, vocabulary, newspaper articles, materials, surveys or statistics to promote discussion an understanding of the selected issue.

6. Think about how you are going to present the information to the class orally and visually.

7. Write the RESEARCH PROPOSAL of 350- 400 words for your presentation, using the following format. You have to type and submit this RESEARCH PROPOSAL to your lecturer in Week 8.

Sample Research Proposal
Prepared by: John Smith
Date: 20th March 2009

TOPIC: Global warming

Research question:
__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Aim: To analyse the effects of global warming on polar bears in the Arctic _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Scope: The presentation will focus on how global warming has affected food supplies, habitat and reproduction. However, it will not analyse the effectiveness of conservation programs.

Information will be collected from books, online journals and websites.


1. Body
Diminishing food supplies

BODY (At least 20 slides)



Adamson, John (2005) The Extinction of Polar Bears: Downtown Press.

Animals on trial: dying too soon (n.d) [online]. Available: [Accessed 7 March 2007].

Karls, Eileen (2001) Warming of the Arctic. Environmental Review. 17(3):112-117.

Prepared by: _________________________________________
Date: ______________________________________________
TOPIC: _Australian place in Asia
AIM:__This research analyse the relationship between Australia and Asia and explain why Australia wants to be a part of Asia. It also show the pros and cons of Asia if Australia join in Asia? ______________________________________________________________

Research question: “ We had different visions of the future of Asia and our place in it” Former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating said in the BBC News on 8 Nov 2001. What are the similar points between Australia and Asia, and what is the purpose of Australia when it wants to become a part of Asia?...
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