Fote Jaw Crusher Has Unmatched Advantages

Topics: Crusher, Finite element method, Better Pages: 1 (399 words) Published: May 25, 2014
The development of crusher in China has achieved some results and crusher industry has played a certain role to promote and facilitate, not only is the use of modern design combined with good mechanical and manufacturing process to ensure the level of advanced technology crusher .Nowadays, Fote jaw crusher designed and produced by Henan Fote has incontrovertibly become one of the most popular crushers in the world. Based on the traditional jaw crusher, Fotejaw crusher makes more improvements on many aspects to make up the disadvantages of traditional jaw crusher. Though traditional jaw crusher has already has many advantages, Fote jaw crusher seems to be a perfect crusher considering from any perspective.Jaw crusher feed opening sizes based can be divided into large, medium and small sizes. Generally believed that the feed inlet size larger than 600x900 models for large jaw crusher; less than 600x900 for the small jaw crusher. Whether large, medium and small jaw crusher, basically by the rack. Moving jaw, elbow board, elbow board seat adjustment mechanism, moving the jaw tensioning device and transmission device and other components.Jaw Crusher with its simple structure, reliable performance, easy operation, easy maintenance and adaptability and other characteristics. In addition to jaw crusher frame, the principal moving jaw body, flywheel, motor, and so the same configuration and other China-made machines, the new crusher Heavy Henan GeIL is also equipped with a hopper or a hopper design size, can effectively prevent abrasion crusher to protect the body from direct impact moving jaw. louvered feed terminal protective cover to prevent the fragmentation process, Operator to observe the crushing chamber, the flying stone splash hurt the eyes. You can also protect the motor will not be flying out of the triangular stone belt snap.Compared with the traditional jaw crusher, the most prominent improvement of Fotejaw crusher is that Fote jaw crusher absorbs the...
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