Foster Families

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Kelly Mazerolle

Foster Families: Research Assignment

September 23rd, 2013

Due: September 27th, 2013

Laurie Sumner

Foster care is a way of providing a family life for someone else’s child in your home. Without foster care the world would go chaos, the goal is to aim to work with other families to help them stay together and make a whole new life for children out there who don’t have homes, so it’s a blessing to see children who are happy where they are placed for safe home environment settings. One of the disadvantages living in foster care setting is the children moving into different strangers home makes them feel uncomfortable. The children may have to follow the rules and regulations go accordingly for the home they are staying at, not having contact with the biological parents which cause hardships for the children they are going through. Having new parents come to a new experience because the parents won’t be familiar to treat the child to its need, which can be frustrating at times, to traumatic, so they need counseling to overcome that aspect. Support money management also becomes tough at times because the parent has to pay it off which can lead into delays for money. One of the advantages for living in a foster care setting is your giving a child who is in need for a home. Showing absolute compassion for that a child who needs to be loved all the time. Teaching the children acceptable behavior, that comes in and out of the house which means something rewarding for them. Knowing that the children you’re looking after will be safe, fed, and properly pampered, so the child will be safe in this house setting. You will always know you have a child there who lives to be nurtured and constantly growing up how the way you should have your child to be in life. It is always important to pay off your payments while looking after children in a foster care home because you will be in trouble if you...

Bibliography: Bass, S. (2004). Children, families, and foster care. Los Altos, CA: David and Lucile Packard Foundation
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