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2) Socrates did not always think that he was wise, many people labeled him as a teacher. Socrates did not really care for this label. He did not really think that he knew much. Socrates had a friend named Chaerephon who went to the oracle the God of Delphi. Cheaerephon asked the oracle is there any one wiser then Socrates, the oracle answered no (21a). Socrates did not understand this and set out to prove the oracle wrong. While out to prove the oracle wrong Socrates realized he is wise but not because he knew everything, but because he realized he knew nothing and didn’t act as if he did. The Socratic Method is what Socrates used to prove the oracle wrong. Socrates simply set out to ask people a series of questions. These men were people of wisdom or considered wise by many. Socrates questioned three groups of people Politicians, poets and artists. During these conversations Socrates would use their own work against them, questioning them on the meaning of their work. He came to the conclusion that none of these people knew the meaning of anything. Therefore they are not wise they are too stubborn to realize they are wrong (21c-22e). So the Socratic Method was nothing more than a series of questions and way for Socrates to find out if these men were really wise. This led to a lot of hatred towards him for pointing this out. Works Cited

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Cited: The Last Days of Socrates.” The Last Days of Socrates. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Nov. 2014.
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