Fortune: Mother and Little Boy

Topics: Mother Pages: 2 (691 words) Published: October 16, 2011
A FortuneLife is never like we expect it to be. We see it with our own eyes on your own way, while others see your life in a whole different way. A lot of people think that their life is hard, but others would say that you’re the luckiest person in the whole world.That is what the narrator tries to tell us in the short story A Fortune, which is written by Joy Monica T. Sakaguchi in 2000. The title “a fortune” refers to the little kid and the narrator. They are the fortunes which haven’t been discovered by their own families. The only person who understands the narrator’s qualities is the little feller, and the other way around. The Narrator is a guy who lives by himself. He spent his childhood with his mother; she was constantly crying and was feeling bad for her little boy. (p.1, ll.19-20) His father was a thief, and in the age of five the boy learnt pick pocketing.Our narrator has respect for his mother; she tried to raise him well, so he wouldn’t turn out like his father. (p.1, ll. 15-16) He loves his father; he is like a superhero to the narrator, no matter what the father does, even though he feels that his father has left him behind. (p.1, ll. 26-31)He misses his father, and everything shall be in the same way when he returns, as he left it. Well he hopes that he will return.When he is pick pocketing he doesn’t think of himself like a criminal but an employee. So in that way his mother has raised him good. He also has a noble heart. He is not selfish and with no thoughts for other people. Like on page 2 lines 42-43 he says: “I just want to share my fortune.” This quote shows that he want to keep the contact with his mother. He also reads the fortunes for her, when he visits her. (p.2, ll. 39-42)We see this story from the eyes of a pickpocket. He gives us some other glasses on, so we can see it from a whole new angle. Now we understand how he feels, and how he ended in this situation. We don’t see the criminality he is making. The things we know about this...
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