Forts in the Bvi

Topics: Road Town, British Virgin Islands, History of the British Virgin Islands Pages: 2 (268 words) Published: May 3, 2009
Fort Burt (Tortola)

Fort Burt: Is located in Road Town (Tortola).
. It was build by the Dutch and rebuilt by the English who join the islands in 1672.Some of the things are left; Fort Burt is now a hotel and a restaurant. One of the original cannons has survived, and is displayed on the veranda of the hotel vigilantly looking over the harbour.

Fort Recovery (Tortola)

Fort Recovery: Is located in West End (Tortola) it is the oldest structure. It was build by the Dutch in 1660.

Fort George (Tortola)

Fort George: is located in the northeast of Road Town and is above Baugher’s Bay. The fort is now a ruin, this site was build by the Dutch Settlers in 1625.The Fort was rebuilt by the British in 18th century. The fort was named after King GeorgeIII.

Fort Charlotte (Tortola)

Fort Charlotte: Is built on Harrigan’s Hill (above Macnamara),Tortola British Virgin Islands .The fort was name after Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz ,who was the wife of King GeorgeIII. This Fort was built by British Royal Engineers in 1794.

In this picture this is part of the wall that remains from Fort Charlotte. The Dungeon (Tortola)

The Dungeon: The Dungeon is located in Tortola, Pockwood Pond. It is said to be one of the oldest military structures on Tortola it was built in the 1740s-50s by the Royal Engineers on the ruins of a pre-existing fort erected by the Dutch.

Fort Hodge

Fort Hodge: Fort Hodge is located on Tortola. This is a view from the gun platform at Fort Hodge.
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