Forms of Media Matrix

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Forms of Media Matrix
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Forms of Media Matrix
After reviewing this week’s reading, complete the matrix, related to various forms of media used in public speaking.

Form BenefitsDrawbacks

ObjectsObjects are a visual aide to show the audience what you mean and they create a dramatic effect.Some objects are impossible to show the audience, due to their size, weight, or accessibility.

ModelsSmaller than full sized objects so they can be shown to the audience easier.They may not be realistic in size, weight, or even color.

PhotographsPhotographs can be enlarged to provide an excellent visual aide. Do not cost much to make. If the photograph is too small, the audience may not see it. Photograph may be blurry or taken at a bad angle.

DrawingsDrawings are not expensive, can show every detail, and are perfect for showing symbols.Drawings lack realism and dimension.

GraphsGraphs make it easy for the audience to understand numbers and statistics. There are many different types of graphs.Some graphs are too complex and not easily understood.

ChartsCharts are great for summarizing information or showing processes.Some charts have too much information that it is confusing to the audience.

TransparenciesTransparencies are easy to create, use, can be enlarged, and wrote on.A projector is needed to show transparencies and they may be blurry.

Videos are easy to show and they contain details that may not be found in the other types of visual aids.The video may be too long, poor quality, and off topic.

Multimedia PresentationMultimedia presentations allow you to show a variety of visual aids and can be put together easily.Building a multimedia presentation may be time consuming. The speaker may just read from the multimedia presentation and forget about their audience.

Doing demonstrations can make the speaker less nervous and get the audience’s attention. May cause the speaker...
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