forms of entertainment

Topics: Source, Exercise, Theory of Forms Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: April 25, 2014
Sources and Forms of Entertainment and
Their Impact on Society
In Life the Movie: How Entertainment Conquered Reality, Neal Gabler describes entertainment as having no moral, physical, or mental benefits to the success of society other than bringing temporary happiness. Through forms of entertainment, especially ones created in the last century, this viewpoint is strongly evident. However many forms of entertainment stimulate and progress society. Entertainment brings a greater feeling of happiness and relaxation to individuals of society thus having a positive effect. However the source and form of entertainment chosen to fulfill happiness and relaxation in most instances, determines the positive or negative effect on society. Physical activities create possible the largest source of entertainment for society. From Ice climbing to soccer matches all entertainment of this form has a positive effect on society. From a scientific viewpoint physical activity brings more flow of blood to the brain, thus supplying it with the maximum amount of nutrients and oxygen needed for brains growth and health. This process of extra blood flow creates an outstanding separation between student athletes’ and regular students’ high school GPAs. In most schools student athletes average GPAs average almost a full grade point higher than other students’ average. Though, this is not the only advantage to this source of entertainment. Entertainment such as this builds personal characteristics, characteristics such as teamwork, perseverance, effort, and even leadership. From my personal experiences in soccer I have learned how to become a leader while still doing my part on the field, qualities that can help me and any groups I work with in the future. Varies forms of storytelling have been a source for entertainment for as long as human populations have been able to communicate with each other. Sources of entertainment such as fireside stories, performances, and reading are just...
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