Formative Vs Summative Assessment Essay

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Chapter 5 focused on grading and assessments, which are used in the classroom by the instructor. It discusses the differences between formative and summative assessment. The focus is placed in the summative assessment that is a measurement of what the students have learned. A summative assessment can be a test, or as simple as asking questions in class. Summative assessments are designed around the course. They should assess what you want students to be able to do by the end of the class. The chapter discusses the importance of evaluating student assessments quickly in order to diagnosis misunderstanding either by the students or inappropriate instruction.
There are 5 principals of assessment listed in chapter 5. They are practicality, reliability, validity, authenticity, and washback. The author outlines...

The instructor must make sure the grading percentage is inline with the value of the objective tested, as well as providing feedback when student performance is subpar.
The chapter also looks at writing the different types of assessments and how to design the test.
Chapter 6 provides information on how the instructor should develop and run the class. Developing rituals on how the class will start and end can help establish the layout of the class. Another important aspect is building trust to maximize learning in the classroom. Three tips are listed for building trust: trust in the teacher, trust in each other, and trust in themselves. All students must feel welcomed, unafraid to make a mistake, and feel comfortable in the classroom.
The chapter mentions how important it is for the instructor to know every student by their name. The same goes for students knowing each other. Some tips are provided the help everyone learn each other’s name. The instructor must also know who the struggling students are and intervene...
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