Formative Assessment and 04 Total Marks for Grammar Section 20

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EXAMINATION SPECIFICATIONS English Communicative Code No. 101 CLASS – X Division of Syllabus for Term II (October-March) Summative Assessment II Section Reading Writing Grammar Literature + Value Based Question Formative Assessment TOTAL Note: 1. The total weightage assigned to Summative Assessment (SA I&II) IS 60%. The total weightage assigned to Formative Assessment (FA1, 2, 3, &4) is 40%. Out of the 40% assigned to Formative Assessment, 10% weightage is assigned to conversation skills (5% each in Term I&II) and 10% weightage to the Reading Project (at least 1 Book is to be read in each term and the Project will carry a weightage of 5% in each term) 2. The Summative Assessment I and Summative Assessment II is for ninety marks. The weighatge assigned to Summative Assessment I is 30% and the weightage assigned to Summative Assessment II is 30%

Total Weightage Assigned 30%

Marks 20 25 20 20 + 05 = 25 20% 50%

90 marks

SECTION A: READING Qs 1-3 The reading section will have three unseen texts as shown below:

20 Marks

Text Number Text 1

Text Type



Type of Questions.

Factual/Discursive/ Literary

450 - 500 words

10 marks ( 7 + 3)

Supply Type - 7 Qs (Gap filling,


sentence completion, Table completion, short questions Reference questions) Vocabulary/ word attack skills – 3 Qs Text 2 Factual/Discursi ve/Literary Text 3 Factual/Discursive/Litera ry/ 200 – 300 words In case of a poem, it may be shorter than 200 words. The total length of the three passages will be between 850 – 1100 words. There will be at least 5 marks for assessing vocabulary. All questions on vocabulary will not be from the same passage. Care should be taken to cover all the three text types, ie factual, discursive and literary while selecting the passages. A poem may or may not be used as one of the three texts. Text I will be either factual or discursive. Apart from a poem, prose literary texts may include excerpts from authentic literature such as short story, autobiography, biography, travelogue, novel etc. Whenever a poem or a prose literary text is used, the other two texts should be discursive and factual, thus covering all the three text types. 5 marks 200 – 300 words 5 marks Multiple Questions. Multiple Questions Choice Choice w, answer and


25 Marks

The writing section comprises six writing tasks as indicated below.

Q.4 Writing a Notice in 50 -60 words Q. 5 Writing a Message or a Diary Entry in 50-60 words 53

3 marks 3 marks

Q. 6 A composition of up to 80-100 words in the form of Biographical sketch, Interpretation, or Description (people, objects or events)

4 marks

Q. 7 An extended writing task of length up to 120 – 150 words in the form of a Formal/Informal Letter or Email. The long piece of writing will assess the use of appropriate style, language, content and expression. 5 marks Q. 8 An extended writing task of 120 -150 words in the form of a Story or a Report. 5 mark

Q. 9 An extended writing task of 120 - 150 words in the form of an Article or a Speech 5 marks All the above questions will assess students’ skill of expressing ideas in clear and grammatically correct English, presenting ideas coherently and concisely, writing a clear description, a clear account of events, expanding notes into a piece of writing, transcoding information from one form to another or using a style appropriate for a notice, message or diary entry. Students’ skill in expressing ideas in clear and grammatically correct English, planning, organising and presenting ideas coherently by introducing, developing and concluding a topic, comparing and contrasting ideas and arriving at a conclusion, presenting an argument with supporting examples, using an appropriate style and format and expanding notes into longer pieces of writing and creative expression of ideas will be assessed. Qs 6 ,7, 8 & 9 will make use of a visual/ verbal stimulus.

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