Formation of Limestone Features in Ty Dixon, Lluidas Vale, and Moneague

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School-Based Assessment (geography)

Table of Content

1. Methodology
2. Acknowledgement
3. Aim of study
4. Lluidas Vale and worthy park
5. Bog walk


May 20th 2013 a group of students from Meadowbrook High School embarked on a trip to accumulate information on limestone for their geography SBA. On this trip they journeyed to the parish Of St. Catherine to visit 5 different locations, these are: Bog walk bridge, Ty Dixon, Lluidas Vale, Moneague, Worthy Park.

There were various ways in which we used to Obtain Information, for example they used media device which they used to take pictures of the different landforms visited, Tape measures to measure heights and distances and papers , pencils and pens were also used to sketch landforms and to write down important information that would useful in the SBA.


First off I would like to thank god for giving me the strength to get through this SBA and also my mother for keeping me focused and providing the necessities needed for the completion of this project. Without these nothing would be possible

Aim of Study

Is to identify and explain the processes that led to the formation of limestone features in Ty Dixon, Lluidas Vale and moneague.

Lluidas Vale and Worthy Park

A polje is a large, flat-floored depression within karsts limestone, whose long axis develops in parallel with major structural trends and can become several miles long, the limestone feature polje can be found in Lluidas Vale. Numerous amounts of tower karsts can be found in this area and cave are also located in these karsts. The soil in the area is very rich because numerous plants were grown here. Commercial arable farming is being practiced in this area. The tower karsts is about 60 meters high, And there are about tower karst in the area....
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