Format for Opinion Writing
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Writing an opinion essay should be a piece of cake for most students, as people in general love airing their opinion. In this case the only difficult part is to pen down those opinions and present them to the readers in a coherent way. For those who do not like to share their views and thoughts this is also a good chance to speak out. Therefore writing an opinion essay should be the easiest assignment that a student can write on.

The first step in writing the essay would be to look up for a good opinion essay sample. It would give the writer an idea how to proceed with the assigned academic essay writing job and not to make a mess out of it. There are various instances of essay writing examples at our site link that you can browse thorough and check for help and ideas. We at, with our team of excellent writers, provide help in any form of essay writing, is it an opinion essay or a discussion essay, a critical essay or an analytical essay.

An opinion essay like any other essay type follows this standart essay format pattern. It consists of an introduction, a main body and a conclusion.

1. The introduction presents the topic. The opinion of the writer is to be very clearly stated here and the important terms should be briefly explained.

2. The main body generally consists of three or more paragraphs and has the opinion or viewpoint discussed in greater details and supported by evidence and reasons. Opposite viewpoints are to be proven unconvincing here with the help of suitable arguments.

3. The conclusion gives a summary of the main points discussed in the essay and restates the writer’s viewpoint, preferably in different words.

It would be better to start the essay with an anecdote or a quote, a scenario or maybe even a thought-inspiring rhetorical question after which the topic is to be introduced and clearly stated. The main body should be well developed with logically connected paragraphs and proper linking words joining the

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