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Topics: Input device, Mobile phone, Psychology Pages: 2 (645 words) Published: March 4, 2014

Year 2 students should be using devices for their learning. (AGAINST)

Young students, specifically Year 2 and younger, should not be using devices in their learning curriculum. While having devices and infinite knowledge at your fingertips can have its advantages, it also comes with many serious detriments that could cause many problems in the future, despite all the learning advantages you could think of.

One of the many reasons to disapprove of the use of digital devices in a learning environment is the attachment a student could create between their device and themselves, especially when they are young. The child's mind needs time to come to a stage where they can voluntarily distance themselves from their devices, as not to get too attached. If the parents allow young children enough time to waste on their devices, they will slowly come to need, and not just want. They will lose all interest in other activities, only to be content with spending several hours on their device. Around the 21st of April, 2013, a four year old girl from the south east being treated in the UK to eliminate her addiction to the family's iPad. "Parents who have found themselves unable to wean their children off computer games and mobile phones are paying up to £16,000 for a 28-day “digital detox” programme designed by Dr Graham at the Capio Nightingale Hospital in London." The Telegraph - Victoria Ward. Over time spent on a device, it will slowly become something you are accustomed to having and being so accustomed to something can slowly change your personal routine. Our brains have their own personal routine. When we start getting into a routine, our brain stops thinking about what exactly we are doing and just focuses on carrying out the routine. This is why if something is slightly out of focus, something is wrong, something is missing, it's not negligence. Our brain is programmed into a routine and if it gets into routine, you will automatically assume...
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