Formal System Development Methodologies

Topics: Formal methods, Formal specification, Formal verification Pages: 4 (1255 words) Published: January 30, 2011
Formal System Development Methodologies

Carissa Robinson Grayson
June 6, 2010

Formal systems development methodologies, also sometimes referred to as Formal Methods, are used to model systems using mathematics. By using mathematics to model a complex system, properties of the system can be verified without empirical testing. (Collins)

Formal systems development methodologies are different from other design systems through formal verification, the principles are proven correct before they are accepted. Traditional design systems have been used to verify behavior but testing is capable of only finite conclusions. (Collins)

Formal design is usually a three step process.
* Step one is when the engineer decides how a system will be using a modeling language. This step is similar to the formal software engineering technique developed by many others. This step helps the engineer to define their problems, goals and solutions. * Step two is the step that deals with verification. Formal methods put a huge emphasis on provability and correctness. Verification is difficult because even the simplest system has at least a dozen theorems that which all must be proven. * Step three is the implementation step. Once the model has been verified, the implementation must then be converting into code. (Collins)

There are two important benefits of formal methods. The benefits would be discipline and precision. In formal systems, an engineer is required to think out the processes more than traditional methods. This causes the engineer to show great discipline. This causes the engineer to show great discipline. In formal methods, there is a need to be very precise and to show great clarity. (Collins)

There are three main weaknesses in using formal methods. These weaknesses are expenses, limits of computational models, and usability. Formal methods are always going to be more expensive than traditional methods. Formal methods involve a...
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