Formal Research vs. Business Proposals

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Formal Research vs. Business Proposals
Lauren Wallace
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Formal Research vs. Business Proposals
Research can be done for many different reasons. Research can be done to test a theory, explore a subject, or to fix a problem. Business research typically leads a manager or employee to make informed decisions on how to deal with a problem (Sekaran & Bougie, 2009). Becoming a good manager requires an individual to be knowledgeable about the not only the business but how to deal with it’s employees. Both formal research and business proposals require specific steps that must be taken to acquire specific information in which leads to a particular result. Without research proposals cannot be made. When creating a business proposal, a manager is looking to impose a decision on a company or someone within a company. They are proposing an educated idea or decision. In order to make an educated decision business men and women must first conduct formal research. “A company may research the demand for a specific product by researching similar products on the market, the general sales rate, a list of companies that produce the product and how much it is selling for. A research report will reveal whether the market for the specific product is saturated or indeed a ripe business opportunity” (Jane, 2012). The proposal will then propose the information found as well as the educated decision made by an individual or company. Literature Review

What exactly is effective management? Many people may have different perspectives of what they think this might be. First let’s define management. Management is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “The act or art of managing; the manner of treating, directing, carrying on, or using, for a purpose; conduct; administration; guidance; control; as, the management of a family or of a farm; the management of state affairs” (Merriam-Webster, 2012). In return, effective...
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