Formal Math Business Letter

Topics: Polynomial, Mathematics, Elementary algebra Pages: 2 (607 words) Published: April 16, 2014
March 19, 2014

Jennifer Hopkins
3110 Mustang Road
Alvin, TX 77511

Dear Ms. Hopkins:

I hope you enjoyed your Spring Break. You have been an amazing teacher, delivering humor, personality, and superb lessons in your classroom. Since mathematics is formula based and does not alter, each course builds onto the last; therefore each class taken in high school aids in college, in the workplace, and life in general. However, having the knowledge base is not the sole component in being successful in any particular subject. Sometimes it is the way the material has been taught, or instilled in our minds. In high school my foundation of mathematics was formed through Algebra 1 my freshman year, Geometry my sophomore year, and Pre-Calculus my senior year, all which had an immense impact in my mathematic skills.

During Algebra 1, I endured a basis of higher learning mathematics that bequeathed lessons such as: properties of real numbers, graphing and solving linear equations and inequalities, quadratic equations, polynomials, factoring, and radicals. These units matured my foundation of knowledge in the field. Nevertheless, the style these were coached is what coerced the information to remain with me all these years. Mrs. Blackwell, my Algebra 1 teacher, would lecture during class over a specific section then endow her students with a multitude of homework. Though I did not agree with the amount of homework, the constant repetition night after night aided me in succeeding in the class, as well as later courses.

Sophomore year in high school required Geometry, which explored relationships between shapes to better develop higher learning thinking skills. This course improved basic mathematic and problem solving skills, while having real world applications. During this year, I acquired skills such as: lines and angles, two and three dimensional shapes, spatial reasoning, and transformations. The instructor incorporated many hands on learning opportunities with...
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