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Block 6 Avenue 35
#33-67 Hougang 89
Singapore 687909

23 March 2011

Mr John Teo
Mex Mall
41 Serangooon Central
Singapore 780645

Dear Mr Teo,

Proposal for a bookstore in Mex Mall

I am a student from Maris Stella High School and I live in the Serangoon neighbourhood. In recent months, I have gone and shopped in Mex Mall that just opened. I realized that there is no bookstore although there are more than sixty shops. Without bookstores, people will not have the convenience to shop for books in your mall. I am proposing for a new bookstore in Mex mall.

The opening of a bookstore in Mex Mall can be a move to encourage reading. With reading, people could improve their grammar and vocabulary. Often people have poor grammar. If they could buy books, their language would surely improve. Then, the standard of English in Singapore can be improved.

Another reason for opening a bookstore is that it will attract more customers and consumers into your mall. Since other malls have bookstore while yours does not, people will go to other malls. By having a bookstore, your mall would then have high human traffic. Your mall would then be more famous and thus earn more money. Thus it is meaningful to open a bookstore.

I believe that a bookstorewould make people feel more convenient. If a bookstore is opened, then people would not need travel far to go to other place to find a bookstore. With a bookstore, it will be more convenient for people. Also, people can save time as well.

Thank you for reading my proposal. I highly recommend that this proposal be given serious consideration and hope that you will take action soon.

Yours sincerely,
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