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BIOL 1208
Writing Assignment 1
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BIOL 1208 Writing Assignment 1
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Lab Topic: Temperature

In this experiment, water and potato enzymes were mixed to create a solution and placed into three test tubes. The first test tube was placed in 0 degrees Celsius, second test tube 22 degrees Celsius, and third in 95 degrees Celsius. The null hypothesis is when the temperature is changed; the concentration will not be affected. The alternate hypothesis is the more the temperature increases, the more the concentration decreases; as the temperature decreases, the concentration increases.

In the experiment, there are patterns within the data between concentration and temperature. The pattern that is shown in the data is the inverse relationship between concentration and temperature. The pattern is as the temperature increases, the concentration decreases, and vice versa. The results of the experiment support the alternate hypothesis by showing that certain temperatures such as, 0°C, 22°C, and 95°C effect the concentration of the water and potato enzyme solution. In this graph, concentration is on the y-axis and time on the x-axis. In the legend, it displays which line represents which temperature. From the data shown in graph, it can be concluded that a lower a temperature such as, 0°C, will have a higher concentration and a higher temperature such as, 95°C, will have a lower concentration.

The data recorded in the graph is related to my hypothesis about the relationship between concentration and temperature. It shows that when a solution of water and...
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