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Topics: Roman Empire, Roman Republic, Roman legion Pages: 3 (883 words) Published: December 11, 2014
Western History 1
Soldier of Rome
I am Gaius Marius, Roman general. I am an unlawful man that shows total disregard for the rules. Through marriage, in 115 BC I am the uncle to Julius Caesar. After an unsuccessful and unorganized battle in Africa I decided to travel back to Rome to run for counsel and try to convince them to make me the head of all the army in Africa. Our battle in Africa which did not go well and was unorganized which is why I will be traveling back to Rome in hope of becoming commander of all the legions in Africa In 109 BC Rome dispatched Metellus to command the Roman legions in Africa. He was a commander of skill. Taking control of the undisciplined, broken army he reinforced them with stronger troops that he brought with him and toughened the new and remaining army with drills and forced marches. I was the commander along with Metellus. Our goal was to bring structure and discipline to the army. I was born near the town of Arpinum a flourishing ancient city known for its mountainous land in Latium. I was also a career military man, who is ambitious and I know I am more qualified to lead this army then Metellus is. At the time in the Roman camp a argument had opened up between Metellus and I, because I was looking to to take a leave from the army to run for consul. A proposal Metellus at first supported, because he expected me to mentor his young son. He wanted me at forty eight years old to run as co-consul position with his young twenty two year old son, and now way will I stand around and wait while his son is consul to run for the position myself. So I not only rejected Metellus’s proposal I also considered it impractical and patronizing. So my small legion and I packed our supplies and started our trek back to Rome. All our soldiers are over twenty years old and regular soldiers are all Roman citizens. Furthermore, while non-citizens may fight they get less compensation and sub-standard armor and weapons. As general I am the leader...

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