Forks over Knives: Vegan Diet

Pages: 2 (708 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Many stunning facts, statistics, researches and much more. This is how could be the movie モForks over Knivesヤ described right after seeing it. But what happens to all these facts after a little bit of critical thinking and reading few reviews and articles, related to the topic of vegan diet? First think to wonder about were the information provided. Most of the information, which looked like genuine facts, were actually more observations than facts. All the core proofs of the advantages of so called vegan diet are only based on observations. And also, many of those observations are not trustworthy enough to be considered proofs. For example, the experiment with rats performed by Indian scientist showed that rats fed with lower amount of animal proteins are less likely to develop liver cancer. However, in the same screen was written: ヤIn all, 30 rats on the high-protein diet and 12 on the low-protein diet survived for more than a year.ヤ This is one of more thing to realize, when thinking about reliability of this movie. But in many articles there is enough said about reliability of the facts and observations, I will concentrate more on my own point of view on vegan diet against animal-based diet. To determine, what are people really supposed to eat, we have to look at our ancestors. Earliest homos were herbivores, there were collecting plants just like most of other animal kinds. Soon, they became carnivores and many scientists consider this to be one of the most important milestone in human development history, because they assume, that getting more protein from meat contributed on development of human brain. However, this theory is nowadays neither confirmed nor denied. On the other hand, it is clear, that getting more proteins in shorter amount of time contributed on human domination above other animal species, because they were able to do more physical activity and also regain the energy faster after performance. Later humans began to settle down and started...
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