Forign Aid

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Foreign Aid

Foreign Aid is basically help or aid which one country applies on another country for the benefit of the less fortunate country. The whole world uses this method so they can get its own needs so they can sustain survival in good environments. This help can be money, food or other small or large accessories that one country needs. Also weapons are of all sorts are also counts as aid. The line is endless. Foreign aid overall is a general topic which can take eons to cover the whole topic, there for this report is mainly going to cover the simple benefits and a few flaws of this great idea. All in all, foreign aid is a great method to assist a country who is lacking economically or any other way possible. Even though it has a few of keeping countries under debt by assisting them this idea still has lot of pros then its cons.

Obviously without foreign aid many humans will not be where they are fight now. Education is also a case in many foreign countries. Starting in the 1970s the same organization starts to discover ways to helps provide education for children in developing countries. Numerous children don’t eve get a chance to open a school book because of the rural areas they live in. to the most part they help their families in working to earn a living. Thankfully, the UNICEF has used twenty percent of its budget towards education for these poor children. On the opposite many say foreign is a bad influence on oncoming generations. They argue that the countries will start becoming more and more dependent on the more developed countries. The example in this cites said that a parent lends a child a car that destroys it. The child works on its own to get back the money and does achieve his goals. It’s trying to say that one should let the country work not blessed to be independent from the begging who need a push. Education, food weapons, etc, all materials that are needed in weaker...
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