Foriegn V. American Education

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American Education vs. Foreign Education
The structures of foreign education programs are seen by some as being superior to the American education program due to differences in laws and preparation of material. It might be that education in non-U.S lands is dictated through more strict laws concerning what can be taught to the public youth, and even that can be interpreted in a different manner than its original intention. The level of unification in foreign systems causes a strong central backbone for the instruction their students undergo. I am choosing to support this assertion that the American system lacks in superiority when in comparison with other systems in a first world environment. The amount of free speech and promotion of individual expression in America causes our system to have too much room for opinion over fact. The strongest areas of the world that can rival the American first world education are best represented by that of western Europe. The European nations such as France can surpass the education in America because of how focused it is.  France’s central government controls the overall education process of their country and has the control over every aspect in regards to the instructors. The education process begins around the age of three to five just like in America, but then it has a structured system they refer to as forms in which steps are taken in a pattern used for all children until they reach the age of 18. They also have three types of schooling from primary to secondary. The minor years that America refers to as elementary, middle, and high school are referred to as primary school and colle`ge. Throughout these two stages everything taught is on the same level for all pupils. When they turn 18 they take an examination if they are interested in entering secondary schooling (what we call a university) called a lycee (Education in France Part 1). After taking the examination they must either go to a general, technical or...
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