Forgive My Guilt

Topics: Crying, Sadness, Poetry Pages: 2 (881 words) Published: April 17, 2012
Forgive My Guilt Poem Analysis
Who was the poet who wrote the poem “Forgive my Guilt”? Well the poet who wrote the poem “Forgive my Guilt” was the American poet Robert P. Tristram Coffin. Robert was born on March 18, 1892 at Brunswick, Maine. Robert won the Pulitzer Prize for his poem “Strange Holiness” in 1936. His poems were based on New England farm and his voyage life. His poems were committed to cheerful acts for the world. Sadly Robert died on January 20, 1955 at Portland, Maine. In the poem “Forgive my Guilt” the poet uses rhyme, imagery and simile to make us understand and visualize the poem better. The speaker in this poem is the author. The author is talking about his summer when he was younger. He uses simile in the quote "They cried out like two sorrowful high flutes" meaning that the two birds cried sound like an out of tune flute that sounds horrible. He uses imagery because it helps me picture that two birds have been injured, by telling us that he had a pellet gun and shot the poor birds. The poem starts by saying “Not always sure what things called sins may be, I am sure of one sin I have done It was years ago, and I was a boy.” In this sentence the author is admitting that he have done a sin when he was younger. A sin is when you have done the wrong action, a regrettable action. It continues to say “I lay in the frostflowers with a gun” he is started to say that he was lying on the ground filled with frostflowers. Then it says “The air ran blue as the flowers, I held my breath” when he said the air ran blue he reflects the sky. Then it says “Two birds on golden legs slim as dream things” he is making us visualize by telling us that the sun was reflecting the birds legs. Then it says “Ran like quicksilver on the golden sand” when he said this he meant that he was running on the beach. Then it says “My gun went off, they ran with broken wings” he said that he fired his gun and shot a bird and that bird was trying to fly with a broken wing. Then...
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