Forget Me Not

Topics: English-language films, Murder, Doctor Who Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: August 14, 2013
Jenny is a type of person who is always bullied at school,ambitious and drawn to material things and.She doesn’t like their standards of living even though Martha (Jenny’s mother) is doing everything just to support her needs and provide everything she wants.One day,Martha presented a pink gown to jenny for their incoming prom night, instead of being glad she doubt that her mother buys it on a cheap clothing.Martha told her that it was from their relatives in abroad.Jenny became excited, when she wears it jenny became uncomfortable and suddenly collapsed.Martha consulted an expert and she found that jenny can see what a normal person can’t (Jenny has a third eye). Martha always caught jenny talking to herself alone.At their school,News and Gossips are still spreading around the campus about the murdered student,Karla.Policemen came to the campus for investigations and warns the student to be careful.Bobby still can’t accept what happened and walked out.Bobby was Karla’s boyfriend.There’s someone whispering on jenny it was her friend,telling her to follow Bobby and comfort him.Jenny followed Bobby but bobby refused and preferred to be alone. It turns out that Jenny’s imaginary friend was her murdered classmate,Karla.Karla together with her family was robbed out and murdered at their one house. The person behind Karla’s death was Hitler,Hitler was accompanied by his famous cloth designer friend Jojit who is madly in loved to him.Jojit delivered the gown ordered by Karla’s mom to their mansion.Because of Jojit,Hitler together with his companion sneaked into the mansion cleverly.Robbed and killed Karla and her parents. The gown

was trashed at the dumpsite and founded by young garbage collectors and sells it on a cheap store where Martha buys it.Hitler is planning to kidnap Bobby on their prom night and murder him as well.Karla is asking Jenny to help him.On their prom night policemen had decided to disguised as guest suspecting that something might...
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