Forest Resources

Topics: Ecosystem, Soil, Water Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: July 9, 2013
I. What are forest resources?
These are resources coming from Mother Nature herself where we use it in on our daily life for survival. The woods we use to make tables and chairs, the lands we live on and the trees we use for –carbon exchange… all of these are forest resources that we can actually see near us. * Natural - are resources coming from Mother Nature herself where we use it in on our daily life for survival. * Human – are resources that we make use of today like the woods we use to make tables and chairs and the lands we live on to build houses. * Cultural factors

II. Uses of forest
* Provide timber and wood pulp – for house-building, bridges, and for paper and rayon industries * Supplies firewood and charcoal – for fuel in homes and industries * Offers tanning materials – in the form of wood, barks, leaves, root and fruits for tanning hides and skin * Provides honey and bee wax – for foods and medicines; for candle-making, shoe-making and etc * Stops the rain-bearing winds and cause rainfall – it increases the moisture content in the atmosphere that raises precipitation therefore causing rainfall * Controls climatic conditions – the forests minimize the extreme variation in climatic condition and make weather more equable * Controls flood and prevents soil erosions – the forest controls the floods durinf heavy rain by absorbing excess rain water by it’s thick roots and help it flow in the rivers and streams. It also prevents soil erosions by checking the force of flowing water

III. Data and Updates
The Forest area (% of land area) in Philippines was last reported at 25.71 in 2010, according to a World Bank report published in 2012. Forest area is land under natural or planted stands of trees of at least 5 meters in situ, whether productive or not, and excludes tree stands in agricultural production systems (for example, in fruit plantations and agro forestry systems) and trees in urban parks and gardens....
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