Forest Gump as a Successful Movie

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Forest Gump Essay

Why do I think Forest Gump was such a successful movie? Three main reasons, first of which is humor. It is a type of humor that makes you feel naughty for laughing at it, as Forest is not trying to be funny. Secondly, because of the plot. The whole story is amazing with twists and turns coming from everywhere and taking Forest to weird and exciting places. Lastly, because of the special effects, they just enhance the movie, which takes it to a different level, and they are done subtlety enough to be believable.

One reason for Forest Gump being so funny is it so unpredictable, with Forest sometimes stating the very obvious, to stating things very far outside left field. The writers were very good at catching everyone off guard at every opportunity possible and making them chuckle, giggle or laugh out loud at the simplest things. The mixture of narration and actual dialog allows Forest to tell you what is about to happen and then let it happen which is humorous in its own way. Forest repeats a lot of lines throughout the film which stick in your head and which you end up spreading to your friends, encouraging them to go view it. Lines such as

“Mamma always had a way of explaining things so that I could understand” (Forrest Gump, 1994)

Are repeated and are humorous in the context used while having a deep connection to other aspects of the film.

As for the plot, the writers have once again out done themselves with an easily follow able story line, but one that was not predictable. Even after multiple viewings I still forget parts that happen and am still surprised when small things happen that trigger my memory. The fact that it incorporates so many different areas is remarkable and one thing that made it stand out from the rest is that it use’s real life events. This allows every viewer to relate to the film in some way and because all of the events are based on real happenings, you start wondering, did my parents meet Forrest...
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