Topics: Olfaction, Shrub, Odor Pages: 1 (282 words) Published: February 26, 2014
Streaks of shimmering sunlight filtered through a golden canopy of trees, casting elegant shadows to dance across the mossy verdure. The lush grass was invested with thriving insects that swarmed on the ground like an overcrowded marketplace. The crickets made a harmonious song that echoed throughout the forest, almost in sync with the repetitive calls of exotic animals that were crawling through shrubbery and soaring high in the leafy giants. Leathery leaves brushed against each other in the feeble breeze, almost as if they were whispering in hushed tones whilst squirrels ran and frolicked in the bushes.

A balmy smell lingered in the humid air, mixing with the scent of damp earth. Flowers were dotted across the luscious forest floor; their enticing fragrance leaving an odd taste in their wake. Vines twisted up the trees, reaching magnificent heights though some hung down like curtains, hiding parts of the forest away in darkness.

The sky had turned a somber grey, ceasing the beams of light from streaming through the blanket of trees. The essence of rain became more prominent as the trees began to clash and crash against each other like drumsticks in the hands of a giant. All of a sudden, a turbulent roar drowned out all the boisterous cries of animals, followed closely by a dazzling fork of lightening. Soon enough, water was cascading from the heavens in a torrent of rain, teaming up with the howl of wind that weaved through the clattering oaks. Monkeys darted in and out of the treetops, trying to find the best place to take shelter. The raindrops fell heavily, hitting the trees with such force that many leaves had also began to flake off.
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