Foresic Science

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Forensic Sciencerevised 4/10Power Point presentation of a landmark case that changed forensic science

Length of the presentation : 10 minute minimumSolo project

200 points

DUE Date: Thurs, June 3, 2010

What should you cover in your presentation ?

Case Summary- Summarize the main points of your case

Who is involved in this case ? Who is important ?
victim(s), perpetrator(s), investigators, family members, etc

What happened ? Tell the story of your case. Present the important details of this case: who, what, where, when, why (motive), attempts to cover up the crime, the investigation, etc.

What type of evidence was collected ? Comment on the quality of the evidence. Was the evidence well collected and well preserved ?

What type of scientific techniques/instruments/methods were used to study the evidence ? What was the result of each test?

Were there any unusual twists or turn of events during the crime or investigation ?

Did this case go to trial ? What happened ? What evidence was presented? What expert witnesses testified? How persuasive was this evidence? What was the verdict and sentence? Were there any appeals?

How did this case change the field of forensic science ? OR How did this case go unsolved for so long? Remember: Research, corroborate and cite your sources

Tips for your Power Point presentation :
Is the information well presented and well organized?

Is the presentation clear, focused and to the point?

Is sufficient information given, without overwhelming the audience?

Are the slides clear, neat, easy to read, uncluttered, and free of spelling and punctuation errors?

Does it clearly present how this case changed forensic science or how the perpetrator evaded detection?

Use pictures to illustrate . Unusually graphic or upsetting pictures must be cleared with the teacher before the presentation.

Tips for your oral presentation :
It must be loud enough for everyone to hear.

The slides should be used as notes only (no reading directly off the slides).

The names/words should be pronounced correctly, without stumbling over the words.

Practice your presentation ahead of time.

Be prepared to answer questions posed by the class and teacher.

Be prepared ! The best way to insure a good presentation is to know your topic.

Bibliography: a written bibliography must be submitted on the due date - minimum of three sources must be noted in the proper format.

revised 4/10
Forensic Science
Power Point presentation of a landmark case that changed forensic science Assessment sheet revised 11/08 NAME_______________________________________________DATE________ ON TIME /LATE/ FIRST DAY__________________________

points possiblepoints earned
A) Content of the presentation (80)

1)Who is involved in this case ? The role of victim(s),____10_________________ perpetrator(s), investigators, family members, are explained. perp_______________________________________victim___________________________________ others______________________________________________________________________________

2)What happened ? The who, what, where, when, why (motive), ____20_________________ attempts to cover up the crime, etc are overviewed.
what______________________________________where_____________________________________ when______________________________________motive____________________________________ other________________________________________________________________________________

3) The type, and quality of the evidence is explained. Where ____10_________________ appropriate comments are made on the collection and
preservation of evidence.
type of evidence_____________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ quality of...
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