forensic science module 2.7

Topics: Skin, Forensic science, Sherlock Holmes Pages: 1 (369 words) Published: December 3, 2014
hannah matthews
october 3, 2014
2.07 lab questions
1. Crippens case was important because it proves to us now that forensic science has grown drastically since the 1800's and how we can get a better understanding as to how things happen and to identifiying remains better so innocent people are not accused of something they didnt do. 2. Crippen was accused of murdering his wife, Cora. Crippen was accused of this crime beacuse there was remains in his celler and there was posion used that only Crippen had and Cora was missing. 3. People were probably so interested in Crippens case beacuse it seemed off so i guess they decided to get to the bottom of it and find out what really happened. 4. Forensic science was important in Crippens trial to find out who the body part belonged to and if Crippen actually commited the crime. It was used in the trial to test skin to determine the sex of the person and if then to see if the dead persons body part in the cellar were Coras. They tested Coras great niece to compare thier DNA. 5. Modern forensic scientist find that the person was not Cora and that also the reamins were male and have to have been there before Crippen moved into the apartment. 6. Other evidence that linked Crippen to the remains in the cella was a part of pajamas that Crippen had the matching ones to them so they thought Crippen killed the person. 7. Other inconsistencies in the case was that they claimed it was Cora because of the scar but later tesing reveled that it had sweat glands and hair follicles in it so it was deemed a fold in the skin. These inconsistencies where probably ignored at the time because the forensic scientist back then found " what he wanted to find" and the jury found the scar more convicing then the defenses theory of the folded skin. 8. I personally dont think Crippen killled his wife because the modern day forensic team said the remains had to have been there before Crippen and after all the evidence is being examined again...
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