Forensic Science Discussion Questions

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Review Questions

1. Forensic science is any science that is used to benefit the system of criminal justice. The use of science to help determine who committed a crime. 2. Forensic scientist must first analyze the evidence properly, documenting everything as they work. They must also be able to give expert testimony if called upon to serve in court. Finally, forensic scientist must be able to give specific training to law enforcement on how to collect data and samples of evidence. 3. An expert witness must be able to give specific insight on a subject that ordinary people do not posses. The court finds this person to have “special” information that pertains to the case. 4. Forensic pathologists have to determine the stage of decomposition of the body in order to calculate the time of death. If the body’s muscles are rigid then researchers are able to tell the time of death. The body’s temperature is also useful in determining the time of death. 5. Forensic Anthropologists specialize in the examination of skeletons and skeletal remains. They examine bones to see if they can determine the cause of death when skin and tissue is not present.

Critical Thinking Questions

1. I think it is important to use proper methods when collecting evidence from a crime scene because evidence can be damaged easily. If researchers do not use proper methods, the evidence can be cross contaminated and the case can be put in jeopardy. 2. I think forensic science has been increasingly used by the criminal justice system because it is helpful and it speeds up the process in catching criminals. Forensic science can give hard evidence that assumptions and witnesses cannot. 3. The most challenging responsibility of a forensic scientist is giving an expert testimony. I believe it is challenging to give an export testimony because there are certain rules and regulations you must abide by in the court, therefore it sort of contrasts with what you were...
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