Forensic Science

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Forensic Scientists and Their Job
Have you ever wondered if a forensic scientist’s job is the same in the show CSI as it is in the real world? Well to answer that question, no. There are many differences between the actual job and the show but I am not going to talk about that right now (crime museum). The definition of forensic has to do with courts (Webster). Forensic scientists collect evidence to recreate crime scenes that can be used as evidence in courts (B.L.S.). A forensic scientist’s job is basically an investigation and analysis. Forensic scientists help investigate crimes. They are also known as crime scene investigators. Their job is to collect and analyze physical evidence. They use special tools to accomplish their investigation. Some of these tools include tweezers, black lights, and special kits. They use these tools as they walk through the scene, take photographs, make sketches, keep handwritten notes, collect evidence, and catalog the evidence (B.L.S.). Then they take the evidence to laboratories.

In laboratories, forensic science technicians analyze the evidence in various ways. One thing they try to do is find possible links between suspects and criminal activity using the results of analyzed evidence. Sometimes they consult with experts in different fields. Once they have all the evidence they reconstruct the crime scene based on their findings (B.L.S.). A forensic scientist’s job seems easy, but it is a lot of work which is why you need proper schooling.

You need a certain amount of schooling before you can become a forensic scientist. Most crime scene investigators are sworn police officers. You need a bachelor’s degree in forensic or natural (biology or chemistry) science. Any student who wants to major in forensics should make sure they take mathematics, biology, and chemistry (B.L.S.). You should be a good science student to try and get a major in forensic science. Also being a police officer would increase your chances to...

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