Forensic Printing Technique

Topics: Fingerprint, Forensic evidence, Foot Pages: 3 (1042 words) Published: April 29, 2012
The External surface of the lip has many elevations and depressions forming a characteristic pattern called lips prints. The approach is very similar to fingerprint analysis. The pattern of a lip pattern is unique to every person. Lip prints can be found on any surface that come in contact with the lips, for example, eating utensils, glasses, and cigarettes. There are many techniques to make lip prints visible as if you were making a latent fingerprint visible. There are two different ways to make lip prints visible. One way is to simply apply lipstick and to press ones lips to a surface. Another way is to have someone press their lips on to a surface and lift the print with dust and tape. EAR PRINTS

Ear prints are a very tricky subject when it comes to identification purposes in Forensics. Even though no two ears are the same people still believe that ear prints are not a good enough proof of evidence to present in court. One technique to lifting prints is to lift the print with powder and tape, as you would while lifting a latent fingerprint. Ear prints can be visible when brushed over with powder and further examined after collected with taped. Then one person can further examine the ear print by looking at the shape and patterns of the ear. Shoe Prints

Lifting or retrieving a shoe print is very tricky, just like lifting a fingerprint would be. One of the best ways to make a shoe print visible on a floor surface is to use an oblique light source, such as the Projectina Crime Lamp. The light is directed at the floor in a shallow angle to scan the floor for shoe prints. Once a print is found, it is lifted using a HT voltage generator and lifting film. The way the film is viewed is to place a piece of special silver foil called lifting film. It has one side coated in thin black plastic whilst and the other is the silver exposed side. This lifting film is placed over the shoe print with the black plastic film facing downwards. The silver side of the...
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