Forensic Investigator

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Elizabeth Pena 12/12/2014 Forensic Scientist Technician What’s the Job title? A forensic scientist and my hope is to write an essay that can express my passion and love for this career. I hope that it will enlighten you and inform you of what a great career I have chosen for myself. My desire is to think as the great minds in forensic science. I also, want to prove that I will be a potential criminologist.

Forensic investigators work on cases involving a person's death and determine whether the death was a homicide, accident or by natural causes. Responsibilities may include organizing case records for the deceased, documenting evidence, reporting the circumstances surrounding the death, obtaining family history and reviewing medical records. These professionals may also be dispatched to death scenes to collect evidence, such as drugs, weapons, fingerprints or poisons, and to transport the body to the medical examiner's office.

As a forensic investigator, you may work in the lab as well if you are not needed at the scene of a crime. Forensic investigators typically work forty hours a week but there are times when you may have to pull long hours. Investigators work with a team trying to solve a case, and they often have to take on extra job duties to get the work done for an investigation. The job duties you will have as a forensic investigator will be based on the kinds of crimes you typically investigate. As a whole, you would be in charge of collecting evidence at a crime scene and performing on-site experiments on certain pieces of evidence. Here is a list of some of the responsibilities I would want to investigate as a forensic investigator: Bagging and labeling evidence from a crime scene

Collecting DNA samples for lab testing
Gathering fingerprints from weapons and surfaces at a crime scene Locating trace evidence for further...
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