Forensic Accounting

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Forensic accounting, forensic accountancy or financial forensics is the specialty practice area of accountancy that describes engagements that result from actual or anticipated disputes or litigation.  Forensic accountants, also referred to as forensic auditors or investigative auditors, often have to give expert evidence at the eventual trial.[1] All of the larger accounting firms, as well as many medium-sized and boutique firms, as well as various Police and Government agencies have specialist forensic accounting departments. Within these groups, there may be further sub-specializations: some forensic accountants may, for example, just specialize in insurance claims, personal injury claims, fraud, construction,[2] or royalty audits.[3] Forensic accountants often assist in professional negligence claims where they are assessing and commenting on the work of other professionals. Forensic accountants are also engaged in marital and family law of analyzing lifestyle for spousal support purposes, determining income available for child support and equitable distribution. Some forensic accountants specialize in forensic analytics which is the procurement and analysis of electronic data to reconstruct, detect, or otherwise support a claim of financial fraud. The main steps in forensic analytics are (a) data collection, (b) data preparation, (c) data analysis, and (d) reporting. For example, forensic analytics may be used to review an employee's purchasing card activity to assess whether any of the purchases were diverted or divertible for personal use.[4]  In the United Kingdom, relevant legislation is contained in the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002. In India there is a separate breed of forensic accountants called Certified Forensic Accounting Professionals. In other countries, some forensic accountants are also Certified Fraud Examiners, Certified Public Accountants with AICPA's Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF) Credentials, Chartered Accountants (CA), Certified Management Accountants (CMA) or Chartered Certified Accountants. Forensic accountants utilize an understanding of economic theories, business information, financial reporting systems, accounting and auditing standards and procedures, data management & electronic discovery, data analysis techniques for fraud detection, evidence gathering and investigative techniques, and litigation processes and procedures to perform their work. Forensic accountants are also increasingly playing more proactive risk reduction roles by designing and performing extended procedures as part of the statutory audit, acting as advisers to audit committees, fraud deterrence engagements, and assisting in investment analyst research.

The Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, recognizing the need for Forensic Accounting and Fraud Detection, in the emerging economic scenario, has decided to launch this Certificate Course on Forensic Accounting and Fraud Detection. Forensic Accounting and Fraud Detection specialization is in increasing demand considering increasing incidents of cyber crimes and frauds detection. It is the practice of utilizing accounting, auditing, CAATs/ Data Mining Tools, and investigative skills to detect fraud/ mistakes. | The Committee on Information Technology has organised Seven Batches across the country till date at the following locations: | The Institute is maintaining the Panel of ICAI members who have undergone the aforesaid Course on Forensic Accounting and Fraud Detection. The names of the members who have undergone the Course successfully have been included in the Panel.| Course Duration

6 Days.|
CPE Hours
The CPE credit of 20 Hours will be given to the participants.|  |
Course Fees 
Rs.25,000/- per delegate payable Online or by DD/ Pay-Order drawn in the favour of “The Secretary, ICAI” payable at Delhi.|  |

Forensic just means "relating to the application of scientific knowledge to a legal problem" or...
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