Foreign vs. Domestic

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Foreign vs. Domestic


Foreign vs. Domestic
Consumers hold the key, which unlocks an industry’s decision to produce a certain product. This key is consumer demand. Consumer demand drives competition and controls the popularity and success of a product. In the automobile industry in America there is heavy competition. The automobile industry in America struggles to compete with foreign automobiles. The divide is strong and many Americans are purchasing foreign vehicles over domestic vehicles. This division creates a challenge for U.S. automobile makers to understand better what consumers favor. In a 2007 poll only 17% of current or potential car owners preferred foreign cars, 39% said they prefer to buy American cars, and 44% said it makes no difference. The poll also indicated that 85% of foreign car owners said they were very satisfied with their cars (Associated Press, 2012). In this research project the goal is to discover the purchasing decisions of consumers. The results will reveal the current consumer demand on foreign vehicles over domestic vehicles. The parameters of this project will stretch from 2008-2012 and capsulate research during this five year timeframe.
Primary Research Question
The primary research question for this project will be to determine the primary attributes that influence a consumer’s decision to buy foreign vice domestic made automobiles. The purpose of this fundamental research question will allow U.S. auto manufacturers to assess the preferences of consumers. Further analysis can be conducted to determine if it cost feasible to integrate these features into existing models to increase market share. To assess this primary research question, a market survey of 500 randomly sampled automobile owners will be conducted. The survey will provide basic demographic information, current auto ownership information and focus primarily on specific attributes that influence their decision

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