Foreign Trade Policy

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ADL-82-India's Foreign Trade & Trade Policy-AM2

Assignment - A

Question 1. Within three years, SEZs in India have witnessed phenomenal success with incremental investment of Rs.97,871 crores and incremental direct employment provided to 231,629 persons with twice that number getting employed outside. Considering the statement, examine the role of Export Oriented Units / Export Processing Zones / Special Economic Zones in promoting export from India. Question 2. What are the main provisions in Foreign Trade Policy of India 2009-2014. How will these initiatives help the Government to promote export from the Country? Question 3. What are the steps taken by the Government of India to promote export of Pharmaceutical products from India. Highlight the problems faced by the Indian Pharmaceutical companies in venturing the Foreign Market. Question 4. What is the role of WTO in promoting Internatioanl Trade. What are the challenges faced by the organization in facilitating global trade of Agriculture products? Question 5. Write a short note of trend in export from India for last three years. Which are the major destinations of India's export? What is the role of USA in India's total export in the current scenario?

Assignment - B

Question 1. What is the role of World Bank in promoting International Trade? What are the functions of IDA and IRDB? Question 2. How International Monetary Funds helps its member countries in their economic development? What steps were taken by IMF to help the member countries to come out of the recession? Question 3. What the major function of EXIM Bank of India? Which are the major initiatives taken by the Bank to promote export from our country?

Case Study

Organic Food Consumption in India is on the Rise.
Some people believe that organic food is only a "concept" popular in the developed countries. They think that when it comes to organic food, India only exports organic food and very little is consumed. However, this is not true. Though 50% of the organic food production in India is targeted towards exports, there are many who look towards organic food for domestic consumption. ACNielsen, a leading market research firm, recently surveyed about 21,000 regular Internet users in 38 countries to find their preference for functional foods - foods that have additional health benefits. The survey revealed that India was among the top ten countries where health food, including organic food, was demanded by the consumers. The most important reason for buying organic food was the concern for the health of children, with over 66 percent parents preferring organic food to non organic food. Though organic food is priced over 25 percent more than conventional food in India, many parents are willing to pay this higher premium due to the perceived health benefits of organic food. The increase in organic food consumption in India is evident from the fact that many organic food stores are spurring up in India. Today (2006) every supermarket has an organic food store and every large city in India has numerous organic food stores and restaurants. This is a huge change considering that the first organic food store in Mumbai was started in 1997. What do Indian organic food consumers prefer? The pattern of organic food consumption in India is much different than in the developed countries. In India, consumers prefer organic marmalade, organic strawberry, organic tea, organic honey, organic cashew butter and various organic flours. However, the Indian organic food consumer needs education. There are many consumers who are unaware of the difference between natural and organic food. Many people purchase products labeled as Natural thinking that they are Organic. Further, consumers are not aware of the certification system. Since certification is not compulsory for domestic retail in India, many fake organic products are available in the market. Organic Farming in India

Organic farming was practiced in...
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